September 23, 2022
 Contact:, 202-224-4343

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Recently, U.S. Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) Ranking Member of the U.S. Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship, recognized Mylke Coffee Company of Island, Kentucky, as Senate Small Business of the Week.

Dr. Paul entered the following into the Congressional Record:

Mr. PAUL. Mr. President, as Ranking Member of the Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship, each week I recognize an outstanding Kentucky small business that exemplifies the American entrepreneurial spirit. This week, it is my privilege to recognize Mylke Coffee Company of Island, Kentucky as the Senate Small Business of the Week.

Shane Case had a vision for his home in Western Kentucky. Seeing that there was no source of freshly-roasted coffee beans anywhere near his region of the state, he decided to fulfill this need and thus in 2017, Mylke opened its doors. Shane’s innovative vision led Mylke to become the first and only craft commercial coffee-roaster located within one hundred miles of his hometown, and their popularity has continued to grow since its founding. Many people ask about the unique nature of the company’s name. The name boils down to a sort of fusion between old and new: old in the way of Old English, a nod to Shane’s Scottish heritage, and new, in the newfound rise and popularity of mylk, which typically refers to milk derived from beans, nuts, or plants rather than from an animal. Mylk has undoubtedly been on the rise in recent years as consumers have increasingly turned to dairy-free options as they search for quality coffee. Shane understood this shift in consumer demand and has responded accordingly with his forward-thinking business.

When Shane first opened his business, his intention was to provide the western half of the blue grass state with high-quality coffee beans and other coffee products from a source more local than the distant Louisville or Nashville, Tennessee. However, as his company and customer base grew, he set his sites on entering into new markets beyond those of his native Western Kentucky. Since its founding in 2017, Mylke has consistently managed to break into new markets as far away as Atlanta and Indianapolis. Mylke now provides freshly-roasted coffee to more than twenty independently-owned coffee shops and restaurants. Not only has Shane kept an eye on the potential of emerging markets, he readily adapted to a newfound customer landscape when the COVID-19 pandemic wreaked havoc on the coffee shop and restaurant industries. Faced with government mandates forcing him to close his doors, Shane pivoted and started offering alternative products to the typical coffee that is brewed onsite, instead providing ready-to-drink options, including the very popular Sweet Mylke Cold Brew or Mylke Kups that customers can use at home in their Keurig Coffee Machine.

Throughout his venture into founding his own enterprise, Shane has maintained a keen eye for business and an awareness of the needs of his larger community. As the company has grown, Mylke has partnered with several community organizations and charities that give back to the community. The company has helped facilitate numerous fundraisers for the McLean County High School Moot Court, an organization that exposes students to constitutional law and the work of advocates in the U.S. Supreme Court. Shane understands the importance of investing in the young minds of his community, and that such investments, especially when pared with a focus on civic duty, are to the wide benefit not only for the youth involved but for the community at large. Moreover, Mylke has assisted in fundraising efforts for the Green River Area Down Syndrome Association (GRADSA), and continues to partner with them whenever possible.

Shane’s charitable nature extends far beyond than what Mylke is able to do at a local level. He also pays mind to source his coffee beans from suppliers that share in his desire to give back to the community. Mylke has partnered with Legacy Farms Coffee since its founding, a coffee bean supplier working out of Honduras. Using proceeds earned through their coffee crops, Legacy Farms Coffee provides numerous services to the surrounding community, including livestock donations to hungry families, donations of books and supplies to local schools, and providing microloans to growing small businesses. This partnership, as well as those in his native Kentucky, have ensured that every pound of Mylke coffee sold benefits both the local and global community.

Mylke has seen unprecedented growth in 2022, with the christening of the Mylke Coffee Shop food truck, an asset that allows the company to grow their customer base and reach newfound customers. Moreover, the company has acquired a new commercial coffee roaster which will increase production capacity by 2,000 percent, to satisfy all those craving the high quality coffee Mylke is known for. Given his track record for entrepreneurial wisdom it is not hard to believe that Mr. Shane Case will continue to grow Mylke at the rate he has already seen. I want to wish congratulations to Mr. Case and the entire team at Mylke Coffee Company. I look forward to watching their continued growth and success in Kentucky. 

As Ranking Member of the Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship, Dr. Paul continues the tradition of honoring America’s small businesses and entrepreneurs. The Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship oversees proposed legislation on matters relating to the Small Business Administration and investigates all problems relating to America’s small businesses.