CQ (11/28, Ota) reported Sen. Jon Kyl "says he is determined to block or sharply scale back a proposal to provide low-cost Small Business Administration (SBA) loans to businesses in Virginia and New York hurt by the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks." Kyl said he "has put a hold on the bill (S 1499) -- its estimated cost in fiscal 2002 is pegged at $815 million by the Congressional Budget office -- because it goes too far in increasing the agency's current budget of $739 million." Kyl said, "I have a lot of concerns about the bill. We have a debt situation in this country right now. This bill is a big deal. It costs too much." CQ added Small Business Committee Chairman John Kerry "is vowing to continue to push for a floor vote on the measure, which has 56 cosponsors." But Kyl says "he believes other lawmakers will join him if they take a closer look, because the measure would be too generous to medium-sized and large businesses."