Most of us living in Ruston have had the unfortunate experience of slow Internet caused by too many people logging on at one time. However, we’ve also experienced the joy that is a clear, fast connection.

In some smaller surrounding areas, broadband Internet is not available. This means individuals and businesses have to suffer a slow connection at all times. In addition, this means many businesses are unable to efficiently compete with other businesses that have better access to solid Internet connections.

Recently, the Federal Communications Commission has been trying to understand the importance of expanding broadband services to rural areas by asking senators what they think about the issue.

Louisiana Sen. Mary Landrieu has long been fighting to expand the services, especially considering the importance of small business to the large number of rural areas that span our state. She understands how important it is for those businesses to have access to the best communication methods available.

Landrieu cited a local business created by Louisiana Tech graduates called Network Foundation Technologies. This business provides streaming live and pre-recorded footage through the Internet. This requires a highly efficient Internet connection both for customers and the company itself.

John Grindley, vice president of acquisitions and sales at NFT emphasizes the importance of expanding the services to every area.

“Broadcast and broadband are the tentacles of communication. Increasing coverage is essential,” Grindley said.

Grindley said they are excited about Landrieu’s work to ensure that efficient communication extends to rural areas.

This move can do nothing but help businesses and customers. In addition, expanding the communication abilities of rural areas can improve the lives of everyone in a community.

Ruston has a broadband system, which has helped us to grow. The new business research park being built on the Tech campus would be impossible without access to these advanced technologies.

Therefore, the use of incentives by the government to move to rural areas can only mean positive things for Lincoln Parish.