Springfield CBS 3 article by Matt DeLucia

Chip Nuttleman has been running Nuttleman's Florist in Northampton for 33 years. In that time, he has been through some rough patches, but not as rough as the current energy crisis.

"It has affected us quite drastically in our deliveries," Nuttleman said.

And deliveries are the bulk of his business. He and his crew make anywhere from 10 to 30 deliveries a day, and so as fuel prices go up and up, he's had to raise his delivery fees, and that is causing some discomfort with his customers.

"We have a few that understand. We have a few that don't understand," Nuttleman said. "But, all in all, I think they'll understand why when they go to fill up their own vehicle."

Nuttleman spent $400 on gas this Mother's Day, and that is just with two vehicles. But he is not alone. Other small business owners have seen their bottom line drop - fueling a push for solutions now. Senator John Kerry, D-Mass., told small business owners in Pittsfield Wednesday that the government should do more to help those struggling.

"There are a lot of things government can do to make a difference here. Regrettably, they're just not doing it. So we cannot afford to sit around for months and wait. We've got to push this agenda now," Kerry said.

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