Chelsea Record editorial

As time goes by, as the Bush administration manages to ruin just about everything it touches, we have come to appreciate Senator John Kerry's leadership. That he might have become president of the United States and finished so close, causes us to sigh whenever we see him.

He would have made a better president than George Bush.

So when he came to Bunker Hill Community College's Chelsea campus last week to hold a hearing on the underground economy, many of us were there to greet him when he walked in.

Impeccably dressed, looking younger than his age, with a thick mane of gray hair, the lantern chin, the imperial smile and the perfunctory handshake with everyone he passed, Kerry was, in every measure, the main event at the hearing, which was also attended by Congressman John Tierney.

Senator Kerry has been getting out and around. He was in Revere two weeks ago at a fundraiser for Representative Kathi-Anne Reinstein, and now the meeting off Bellingham Square in Chelsea.

It is frankly good to see our senator.

It would be far better if our senator and all the senators did something positive about the crying issues of our time.

Short of that, Chelsea welcomed Senator Kerry.

The senator was up for the hearing.

We thank him for thinking of us.

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