January 2005

Date Title
1/28/05 SBA Under Pressure To Probe Contracting Issues
1/14/05 Bush to SBA: Make Do with Less

December 2004

Date Title
12/3/04 Congress Kills Program That Spreads R&D Dollars
12/3/04 Entrepreneurs, VCs Await Outcome for SBIC Program
12/1/04 How the Feds Starve Small Contractors

November 2004

Date Title
11/29/04 Small Government VARs Cry Foul Over Contract Awards To Bigger Firms
11/29/04 Congress Passes Kerry Initiative for Women in Business
11/29/04 Appropriations Dust Starts To Settle -- Sort Of
11/22/04 Omnibus Appropriation Cuts SBA by 19 Percent
11/12/04 Women's Group Sues SBA Over Delays in Contracting Program
11/12/04 VCs Fear a Reined-in Bush Will Cut Back R&D Spending
11/9/04 Why U.S. Contracts For Small Businesses Go to Big Companies

October 2004

Date Title
10/11/04 Another Fight Brews Over 7(a) Subsidies
10/8/04 Changes Increase Cost of Small SBA Loans, Make Large Loans Harder to Get
10/5/04 Higher Fees, Less Backing on Loans -- Small Firms May Need New Funding Sources In Wake of 7(a) Changes
10/1/04 U.S. Government Blasted Over Small-Business Deals
10/1/04 U.S. Raises Fees In Loan Program For Small Business

August 2004

Date Title
8/20/04 SBA's Record Loan Volume Won't Quiet the Debate
8/16/04 Canisius Center Survives Cutbacks
8/16/04 SBA Sets Loan Records and Spins Microloan Decline
8/13/04 Women's Chamber Restive Over Delay of Federal-Contracts Study
8/13/04 Women's Business Center Scrambles as SBA Funds Cut
8/9/04 Small Business Politics Gets A Bit Messy
8/6/04 Sudden Funding Cut Forces Women's Business Centers to Scramble

July 2004

Date Title
7/12/04 WBC Sustainability: What's Next?