August 2002

Date Title
8/2/02 Proposed Law Champions Small Biz

July 2002

Date Title
7/26/02 Kerry Seeks 30 Percent Small-Business Contracting Goal
7/26/02 Senators Aim to Boost Federal Contracting Goals
7/25/02 Senate panel creates ombudsman to push small business contracting
7/20/02 Drought Scourges Hay Crop
7/18/02 Atrix, Optibrand Journey to Homeland Security Expo
7/18/02 Bill Would Aid Small Businesses
7/17/02 Capitalist Curmudgeon: All Bundled up and Nowhere to Go
7/16/02 Water Limits Loom as Drought Lingers
7/13/02 Entrepreneurs Show Off New Antiterror Devices
7/11/02 Canton Firm Displays Anti-Terrorism System
7/11/02 War on Terror Spurs Creativity Entrepreneurs Hawk Security Gizmos in Homeland Defense
7/10/02 Where the Spies Shop: Homeland Security Expo Features Smart Cars, Jet-Copters, Tooth Phnoes, and Other Tools for Subterfuge and Defense

June 2002

Date Title
6/28/02 SBA Extends Deadline for Sept. 11-Related Loans
6/14/02 The Bush Administration Has Slammed the Door on Set-Asides for Small Disadvantaged Businesses
6/7/02 Threat of Liability Lawsuits Not a High Concern for Entrepreneurs
6/5/02 SBA Extends Deadline for Disaster Loans

May 2002

Date Title
5/21/02 Bill on Bankrupt Stirs Hot Debate
5/16/02 Beyond the Abortion Snag, Hard Questions on Bankruptcy Bill
5/6/02 Sen. John Kerry Urges Congressional Restraint In San Francisco Speech

April 2002

Date Title
4/14/02 Fishermen, Leaders Try to Net a Compromist on Catches
4/13/02 Budget Battle Heats Up: Senate Adds $264M to Bush's SBA Request

March 2002

Date Title
3/15/02 Heftier Contracts Sought for Minorities, HUBZones
3/11/02 SBA'S Proposed Cuts in Business Training Criticized
3/10/02 SBA'S Budget Plans Raise Questions From Senator