February 2008

Date Title
2/29/08 Kerry, Tsongas urge disaster loans for Lawrence fire victims
2/28/08 Economy Slowed to 0.6% Growth Rate in 4th Quarter
2/28/08 Bernanke Says Sagging Growth Is Chief Concern
2/28/08 Businesses, Worried About Economy, Invest Less
2/19/08 House Committee Questions Contract for Former Bush Appointee
2/14/08 A Little Piece of Microsoft Aids Small Business
2/14/08 John Kerry: Minority entrepreneurs light the way
2/13/08 With the Stimulus Package, the Big Winner Could Be Small Business
2/13/08 Bush Signs $168B 'Booster Shot' For Slowing US Econ
2/12/08 Landrieu, Vitter To Hold Hearing For Small Business Post Katrina
2/12/08 Small businesses sour on economy in January
2/11/08 Fed's Rate Cuts Bring No Relief For Consumers' Credit Card Bills
2/8/08 Senators blast rule for woman-owned businesses
2/8/08 Senate Approves Stimulus Plan
2/7/08 A big fight over small business
2/4/08 Senate Oversight Committee Criticizes SBA FY09 Budget
2/4/08 SBA may be less helpful this downturn
2/2/08 MASS. MARKET - Pols include small business, too, in stimulus plans
2/1/08 SEC OKs Delay for Small-Firm Audits
2/1/08 Small Business on Capitol Hill (and Beyond)
2/1/08 A Green Energy Industry Takes Root in California

January 2008

Date Title
1/31/08 Staples Names Kerry Small Business Champ
1/31/08 Politico Committee Insider Series: Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship
1/31/08 Weak Dollar Has Small Businesses Thinking Globally
1/31/08 Senate stimulus looks better for businesses