Business Development

Small firms employ half the American workforce and have created two-thirds of all new jobs. Yet, when the economy takes a downturn, small businesses are the first to get hit. In the first four of the 2008-2009 recession, 80 percent of the jobs lost came from small firms.

To help them survive, entrepreneurs can count on a muscular and valuable Small Business Administration (SBA). The SBA has a network of Small Business Development Centers, Women and Veteran Business Centers and other entrepreneurial development programs to help small businesses throughout the country. Whether small firms need help finding new financing options, ways to offer healthcare to their employees or have ideas they want to turn into reality, the centers provide the counseling and resources small businesses need in today's competitive global marketplace. The Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship helps small businesses find the centers near them and works with the SBA to strengthen these entrepreneurial programs by ensuring that they are receiving adequate financing and are operating with the sole purpose of aiding small firms.


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