September 2009

Date Title
9/14/09 Landrieu Discusses Small Business Health Care on MSNBC's "Your Business"
9/14/09 Landrieu Discusses Small Business Health Care Reform on MSNBC's "Your Business"
9/8/09 Letter to Agencies Requesting Contracting Numbers for the Recovery Act

August 2009

Date Title
8/11/09 Landrieu Comments on Appointment of New SBA Ombudsman
8/10/09 Landrieu Comments on SBA Region VI Administrator Appointment
8/6/09 Landrieu Holds Confirmation Hearing for SBA Inspector General and Chief Counsel for Advocacy
8/5/09 Landrieu Urges Applications for Broadband Internet Grants
8/5/09 Commerce Improves Federal Small Manufacturing Programs Upon Landrieu, Snowe Request
8/4/09 Landrieu Amendment to Boost Rural Tourism Passes Senate
8/3/09 Landrieu, Snowe, Cardin, Shaheen Push for More Effective Trade Policies to Help Small Firms

July 2009

Date Title
7/31/09 Innovation and Research Program Temporarily Extended
7/29/09 Landrieu To Host Alexandria Small Business Outreach Conference
7/29/09 Landrieu Leads Senate Fight To Improve Health Care For Small Businesses
7/28/09 Landrieu, Nelson, Warner, Webb Request SBA Review Authority to Assist Impacted Homeowners, Businesses
7/25/09 Landrieu Comments on President's Small Business Health Care Report
7/24/09 Landrieu, Snowe Amendment Passes Senate
7/23/09 Landrieu, Snowe Amendment Makes Government Contracting Programs Equal
7/22/09 Landrieu Announces New Committee Press Team
7/14/09 Commerce Department Expands High-Speed Internet Per Landrieu Request
7/14/09 Senate Passes Small Business Innovation Bill
7/10/09 Appropriations Committee Increases Budget for Small Business Programs
7/9/09 Title for press release goes here.
7/9/09 Landrieu, Snowe Convene Roundtable on Healthcare for Small Businesses
7/1/09 Landrieu Chairs Field Hearing on Small Business Trade Opportunities

June 2009

Date Title
6/30/09 Landrieu, Mills Host Small Business Outreach Conference