September 2007

Date Title
9/20/07 Kerry Fights for Massachusetts Women’s Businesses
9/18/07 Kerry, Snowe to Press Administration on Women's Business Center Funding, Contracting Program
9/12/07 Kerry Praises Historically Black Colleges and Universities
9/12/07 Kerry Calls for Delay of Employee Verification Rules
9/12/07 Kerry on Service Disabled Veterans GAO Report: Modernization of Employment and Business Assistance Needed
9/11/07 Kerry Backs Amendment to Halt Border Trucking Rule
9/10/07 Landrieu Announces Acadiana Women’s Business Center

August 2007

Date Title
8/29/07 Kerry: Bush Hasn’t Learned Lessons of Katrina
8/28/07 Kerry on Katrina Anniversary
8/20/07 Kerry, Snowe Press for Implementation of Women's Business Center Renewal Grants
8/17/07 Kerry Cautious on Small Business Contracting Numbers
8/13/07 Democrats Call on Government to Increase Minority Advertising Contracts
8/4/07 Bipartisan Group of Senators Praise Passage of Disaster Reform Bill
8/3/07 SCHIP Victory: Kerry Adds Tools for Enrolling More Children in Health Insurance Program
8/1/07 Kerry Hosts Roundtable on Future of Small Business Innovation Program
8/1/07 Kerry, Snowe, Carney Seek to Hold TSA Accountable to Contracting Laws
8/1/07 Bayh Proposes Doubling Funding For Small Business Research, Development

July 2007

Date Title
7/27/07 Kerry Adds Transparency to TSA Contracts, Repeals Small Business Exemption
7/26/07 Kerry: Minimum Wage Hike is Good For Small Business Growth
7/25/07 Panel Examines Katrina Disaster Loan Response, Initiatives for Improving Critical Assistance Program
7/23/07 Kerry, Kennedy, Neal Praise Swift Disaster Declaration for Uxbridge Mill Area
7/23/07 Kerry, Kennedy, Neal urge Small Business Administration to move quickly to declare site of Uxbridge mill fire a disaster area
7/18/07 Kerry Holds Bush Administration Accountable for Failed Federal Contracting Policies for Small Businesses
7/18/07 Kerry on Bush’s Controversial Health Plan for Small Businesses
7/17/07 Kerry, Landrieu Call on Republicans to Stop Blocking Disaster Reform Bill