April 2007

Date Title
4/18/07 Kerry Pushes SEC for Small Business Fix, Sarbanes-Oxley Extension
4/18/07 Kerry Praises House Passage of Disaster Bill
4/4/07 Kerry, Snowe Seek Energy Star Details from EPA

March 2007

Date Title
3/29/07 Bipartisan Bill to Overhaul Disaster Loan Program Clears Committee
3/29/07 Kerry, Hagel Amendment Improves Reservist Loan Program in Supplemental Bill
3/28/07 Kerry, Hagel Introduce Bill to Support Veteran, Reservist Entrepreneurs
3/23/07 Kerry, Snowe Add Nearly $100 Million to Small Business Budget
3/22/07 Katrina, Rita Small Business Relief Included in Emergency Appropriations Bill
3/8/07 Kerry Promotes Small Businesses Solutions to Climate Change
3/7/07 Kerry Praises Contributions of Hispanic Entrepreneurs, Promises Action to Aid Small Businesses
3/6/07 Kerry Honored for Work on Behalf of Veteran Small Business Owners
3/2/07 Kerry, Snowe to press Small Business Role in Climate Change Policy
3/1/07 Kerry Calls for Reviews of Disaster Recovery Contracting Practices
3/1/07 Kerry: Gulf Coast Needs More than Empty Promises

February 2007

Date Title
2/28/07 Landrieu Introduces SBA Expedited Loan Legislation
2/28/07 Kerry: Small Business Budget Inadequate, More Action Needed on Disaster Loan Program
2/23/07 Kerry, Snowe Urge Sarbanes-Oxley Extension for Small Firms
2/14/07 GAO Report Confirms Bipartisan Call for Accountability in Disaster Loan Program
2/13/07 Small Business Health Care Debate Moves Beyond AHPs
2/8/07 Kerry Urges Bush to Support Microloans for America's Entrepreneurs as U.S. Funds Microloans Overseas
2/8/07 Landrieu Introduces Gulf Coast Small Business Recovery Package
2/7/07 Kerry on Temp Small Biz Reauthorization Passage
2/7/07 Kerry: Bush’s Budget Doesn’t Get Job Done for Massachusetts Small Businesses
2/6/07 Kerry: Bush's Budget Doesn't Get Job Done for Small Business
2/1/07 Kerry and Snowe Climate Bill Would Reduce Emissions 65 percent by 2050