April 2006

Date Title
4/6/06 Kerry Introduces Minority Entrepreneurship and Innovation Pilot Program
4/6/06 Bipartisan Senate Resolution Honoring the Entrepreneurial Spirit of America's Small Businesses
4/4/06 Kerry Praises Work of Hispanic Businesses
4/4/06 Kerry Leads Bipartisan Call to Aid All Small Businesses Devastated by Drought

March 2006

Date Title
3/31/06 Kerry Blasts Bush Administration on Small Business Development Oversight
3/30/06 Landrieu, Kerry Introduce Gulf Coast Open For Business Act
3/24/06 Kerry Demands FEMA Award Gulf Coast Contracts to Small Businesses
3/16/06 Senate Passes Kerry-Snowe Proposal Reversing Some Small Business Cuts
3/15/06 Kerry Backs Democratic Small Business Health Care Bill
3/8/06 Kerry, Landrieu Report Exposes Administration Failures on Katrina Recovery Efforts
3/1/06 Landrieu, Kerry to Hold Administration Accountable on Disaster Loan Program

February 2006

Date Title
2/28/06 Kerry Calls on Bush Administration to Boost Gulf Coast Recovery
2/27/06 Akaka, Kerry Push Government to Honor America’s Commitment to Veterans
2/16/06 Kerry Calls on Government to Expand Opportunities for Women, Minorities in Venture Capital program
2/14/06 Democrats Work to Prevent Disaster Loan Program Shut Down
2/10/06 John Kerry Calls on President to Fully Fund Disaster Loan Program
2/9/06 Landrieu, Kerry Call for Local Contracts in Katrina, Rita Rebuilding
2/6/06 President’s Budget Doesn’t Meet Needs of Small Businesses
2/1/06 John Kerry: President Bush Leaves Small Businesses Behind
2/1/06 John Kerry: President Leaves Small Businesses Behind

January 2006

Date Title
1/31/06 John Kerry Calls on President to Support Small Business Owners
1/30/06 John Kerry Highlights Bush Record on Small Business
1/12/06 Bush Administration Owes New Orleans Economic Action, Not Photo Ops

December 2005

Date Title
12/22/05 After Three-year Battle, Congress Passes Kerry Legislation to Help Small Businesses Hurt by Drought
12/14/05 Kerry Tax Simplification Legislation Will Help Small and High-Tech Businesses