April 2005

Date Title
4/29/05 Republican Budget Cuts Small Business Funds
4/28/05 Kerry: ‘Administration Shortchanges Women in Business’
4/27/05 Kerry Challenges Administration’s Big Business Agenda
4/26/05 Kerry: ‘Administration Abandons Small Contractors’
4/25/05 Kerry, Snowe Pay Tribute to America’s Small Businesses
4/20/05 Republican Health Care Plans Won’t Help America’s Small Businesses
4/11/05 Kerry Questions SBA Spending on President's Social Security Tour

March 2005

Date Title
3/18/05 Kerry, Snowe Reverse Bush Cuts and Restore Small Business Assistance
3/17/05 Senate Passes Landrieu-Kerry Reserve Fund For Reservists and Small Businesses
3/10/05 Kerry Prompts Air Force to Release $175 Million in Small Business R&D Awards

February 2005

Date Title
2/17/05 Kerry Questions Bush Commitment to Small Business
2/8/05 Bush Budget Fails Small Businesses
2/3/05 Kerry Responds to Bush Small Business Rhetoric
2/2/05 Kerry Pushes for Small Business Relief From Rising Heating Fuels Costs
2/1/05 Kerry Addresses Guard and Reserve Pay Gap

January 2005

Date Title
1/24/05 Kerry Bill Protects Small Businesses With Federal Contracts
1/24/05 Kerry Bill Improves Microenterprise Assistance
1/24/05 Kerry Pushes Entrepreneurial Training in Schools

November 2004

Date Title
11/22/04 Republicans Raise Fees on Small Business Borrowers
11/22/04 Kerry Gets Unfair Tariffs Lifted
11/22/04 Congress Passes Kerry Initiative for Women in Business

June 2004

Date Title
6/29/04 Kerry Urges SBA to Withdraw Small Business Size Standard Proposal

May 2004

Date Title
5/5/04 Kerry Welcomes Investment in Underserved Inner Cities and Rural Communities

April 2004

Date Title
4/29/04 Kerry Initiative for Women in Business Passes Senate
4/21/04 Kerry Responds to SBA’s Legislative Proposals