October 2005

Date Title
10/26/05 Snowe, Kerry, Vitter, Landrieu Endorse Short-Term Steps to Immediately Aid Hurricane Victims
10/25/05 John Kerry Urges Administration to Re-Open Miami Disaster Assistance Center
10/21/05 Kerry, Landrieu Press Republican Leadership to Help Hurricane-Ravaged Small Businesses
10/14/05 John Kerry Requests $720 Million for Small Business Hurricane Relief
10/13/05 Senator John Kerry on Small Business Administration's Role in Hurricane Reconstruction
10/12/05 Kerry Fights to Get Small Businesses Fair Share of Gulf Coast Recovery Contracts

September 2005

Date Title
9/27/05 Kerry Urges Immediate Assistance for Faster Response to Small Businesses in Gulf Region
9/23/05 Kerry Demands Administration Stop Delaying Help to Women Business Owners
9/22/05 John Kerry Fights for Immediate Hurricane Katrina Small Business Assistance
9/19/05 Kerry Urges Congress to Ease Burden of Lengthy Deployment on National Guard and Reserves
9/15/05 Senate Passes Kerry Legislation to Provide Tax Relief, Help Guard and Reserve Troops Hurt By Katrina
9/15/05 John Kerry's Relief Package for Small Businesses Devastated by Hurricane Katrina Passes Senate
9/13/05 Kerry, Landrieu Fight for SBA Disaster Loan Extension
9/9/05 Kerry Offers Major Package of Legislation to Help Small Businesses, Others Devastated by Hurricane Katrina

July 2005

Date Title
7/28/05 Kerry, Snowe Push to Save Women’s Business Centers from the Chopping Block
7/27/05 Bush Administration Shortchanges Small Business: Contracts Go Unchallenged
7/22/05 Kerry Renews Fight to Assist Small Businesses Hurt by Drought
7/20/05 Bush Administration Blocking Gas-Price Relief for Farmers, Truckers, Small Businesses
7/15/05 Kerry Helps Small Businesses Cut Through the Red Tape

June 2005

Date Title
6/30/05 Kerry Urges Quick Release of Minority Business Data
6/29/05 Kerry Demands Timeline for SBA Action on Women's Contracting
6/24/05 Kerry Fights to Help Small Businesses and Farmers Deal with Soaring Fuel Costs
6/24/05 Senate Appropriators Reject Bush Attempt to Eliminate Critical Small Business Assistance
6/15/05 New Report: Private Accounts Would Cut Benefits, Increase Costs for Small Businesses
6/14/05 SBA Responds to Senator John Kerry's Request to Declare the Red Tide Crisis an Economic Disaster Today