September 2003

Date Title
9/26/03 Kerry Announces Passage of SBA Reauthorization Bill
9/9/03 Kerry Fights for Small and Disadvantaged Businesses
9/9/03 Kerry Measure to Help Military Reservists, Their Small Business Employers

June 2003

Date Title
6/11/03 Kerry Pushes to Save Women’s Business Centers from Administration’s Cuts
6/11/03 Kerry Bridges Gap Between Red Tape and Business' Bottom-Line
6/3/03 Federal Contract Scheme Prompts Kerry to Request Justice Investigation
6/2/03 Kerry Seeks to Reverse FCC's "Wrongheaded Vote"

May 2003

Date Title
5/22/03 Senate Revives Business Stimulus Package for Native Americans
5/20/03 Kerry Blasts Bush for Seeking to Deny Minority Businesses Participation in Department of Energy Programs
5/1/03 Kerry Childcare Measure Makes Headway Through Senate

April 2003

Date Title
4/9/03 Kerry Measure Aimed at Making Child Care More Available and Affordable
4/9/03 Kerry: “Small Business Recommendation Fall Short of Meeting Needs”
4/2/03 Kerry Drought Assistance Finally Reaches House
4/1/03 SBA Inspector General Nomination Clears Senate
4/1/03 SBA Flouts Congress's Intent on 9-11 Loan Relief

March 2003

Date Title
3/18/03 Kerry Proposes Solution to Give Billions Back to Small Businesses

February 2003

Date Title
2/5/03 Kerry Continues Fight to Assist Drought Victims

January 2003

Date Title
1/29/03 Kerry Salutes Leadership of African American Business Community at Ethics Summit
1/29/03 Kerry: "Bush's Rhetoric Makes a Do-Nothing Approach to the Needs of Small Businesses."
1/22/03 Kerry: "The Bush Plan is a Big-Business Agenda in Small-Business Clothing."
1/22/03 Thy Cup Doth Not Runneth Over: Kerry Attempts to Rescue a Suffering SBA in the Midst of Loan Crisis
1/9/03 Chairman John Kerry Releases Small Business Report Highligting Major Accomplishments

October 2002

Date Title
10/25/02 Chairman John Kerry Regarding the Death of Senator Paul Wellstone
10/1/02 Kerry to Administration: "Stop Cutting Small Business Loans and Start Fixing Small Business Credit Crunch"
10/1/02 Kerry, Bond and the National Comission on Enterpreneurship to Unveil Study on Fostering Entrepreneurship