January 2003

Date Title
1/9/03 Chairman John Kerry Releases Small Business Report Highligting Major Accomplishments

October 2002

Date Title
10/25/02 Chairman John Kerry Regarding the Death of Senator Paul Wellstone
10/1/02 Kerry to Administration: "Stop Cutting Small Business Loans and Start Fixing Small Business Credit Crunch"
10/1/02 Kerry, Bond and the National Comission on Enterpreneurship to Unveil Study on Fostering Entrepreneurship

September 2002

Date Title
9/30/02 Kerry Criticizes Administration for Failure to Solve Projected Shortfall in the SBA’s Flagship Loan Program
9/24/02 Kerry Sends Seven Small-Business Bills to Senate Floor

July 2002

Date Title
7/24/02 Kerry Sends Seven Small-Business Bills to Senate Floor
7/24/02 Kerry Steers Native American Small Business Development Act out of Committee
7/24/02 Kerry Pushes Drought Relief Closer to Suffering Small Businesses
7/18/02 Kerry Calls for Level Playing Field, Increase in Federal Contracts for Small Businesses
7/15/02 Kerry Closes Loophole for Drought-Stricken Businesses
7/10/02 Kerry Enlists Small Businesses in War Against Terrorism
7/2/02 Kerry Announces Federal Help Available for Roxbury Fire Victims

June 2002

Date Title
6/25/02 Small Business Goes Big-Time With Homeland-Security Products
6/19/02 Kerry Asks, “Are Government Purchasing Policies Failing Small Business?”
6/18/02 Kerry Wins Extension of Disaster Loan Deadline for Small Businesses
6/18/02 Kerry Commends NASE Study
6/14/02 Disaster Area Declaration Offers Gloucester Community Chance to Recover
6/4/02 Kerry Urges Finance Committee to Back Tax Incentives for America's Entrepreneurs

May 2002

Date Title
5/22/02 Kerry, Entrepreneurs Exchange Ideas on Stimulating Investment in Small Business
5/13/02 Kerry Bridges Gap Between Red Tape and Business' Bottom-Line
5/8/02 Kerry Addresses National Small Business Week on Importance of Small Business to America's Economy

April 2002

Date Title
4/30/02 Is the Federal Government Keeping its Promise?
4/23/02 Kerry Demands End to Excessive Fees Charged for Largest Small Business Loan Programs

March 2002

Date Title
3/22/02 Kerry Emergency Relief for Small Businesses Passes Senate