June 2004

Date Title
6/29/04 Kerry Urges SBA to Withdraw Small Business Size Standard Proposal

May 2004

Date Title
5/5/04 Kerry Welcomes Investment in Underserved Inner Cities and Rural Communities

April 2004

Date Title
4/29/04 Kerry Initiative for Women in Business Passes Senate
4/21/04 Kerry Responds to SBA’s Legislative Proposals

March 2004

Date Title
3/12/04 Kerry Makes Vital Changes to Small Business Programs

February 2004

Date Title
2/26/04 Kerry Fights for Rural R&D Grant Assistance
2/12/04 Kerry: Bush Budget Fails Small Businesses Again
2/6/04 Kerry: Bush Budget Leaves Manufacturers Out in the Cold
2/6/04 President's SBA Budget Makes Big Cuts to Microenterprise
2/4/04 Kerry to Continue Fighting Bush Cuts to Native American Small Businesses
2/2/04 Kerry Responds to 2005 SBA Budget

January 2004

Date Title
1/12/04 Kerry Calls on SBA to Reopen Loan Program, Respond to Committee Requests for Information
1/9/04 Kerry Probes DOD for Unobligated Small Business R&D Funds
1/8/04 Kerry, Democrats Call on Bush to Fix SBA Lending Suspension, Mismanagement
1/7/04 Kerry Demands Administration Restore Largest Small Business Lending Program

November 2003

Date Title
11/19/03 Kerry Offers Comprehensive Manufacturing Aid Package

October 2003

Date Title
10/14/03 Kerry Fights to Ensure Small Business Representation, Access to Contracts at Major Federal Agencies
10/2/03 Kerry Provisions Boost U.S. Manufacturing, Increase Job Growth, Spur Small Business Investment

September 2003

Date Title
9/26/03 Kerry Announces Passage of SBA Reauthorization Bill
9/9/03 Kerry Measure to Help Military Reservists, Their Small Business Employers
9/9/03 Kerry Fights for Small and Disadvantaged Businesses

June 2003

Date Title
6/11/03 Kerry Bridges Gap Between Red Tape and Business' Bottom-Line
6/11/03 Kerry Pushes to Save Women’s Business Centers from Administration’s Cuts
6/3/03 Federal Contract Scheme Prompts Kerry to Request Justice Investigation
6/2/03 Kerry Seeks to Reverse FCC's "Wrongheaded Vote"