November 2001

Date Title
11/29/01 Kerry: End Partisan Choke Hold on Economic Relief for Small Businesses

October 2001

Date Title
10/4/01 Kerry Calls for Immediate, Broad Assistance to Small Businesses Reeling from Economic Effects of 9/11 Attacks

September 2001

Date Title
9/27/01 Senate Passes Kerry Bill to Extend, Increase Funding for Small Business Technology Transfer Program
9/20/01 Relief Available to Reservists Called to Duty Kerry Legislation Offers Small Businesses Affected by Absence of Owner or Key Employees to Receive Assistance from SBA
9/7/01 Senators Kerry and Bond Urge Immediate Solution to Overestimated Lending Fees
9/5/01 Senator Kerry Focuses on Solution to High Lending and Borrowing Fees in Small Business World
9/4/01 Chairman Kerry to Host Roundtable to Discuss Possibility of Extraneous Fees Imposed on Small Businesses

August 2001

Date Title
8/1/01 Senator John F. Kerry Unites Small Business and Government to Grow Environmental Technology

July 2001

Date Title
7/26/01 Senate Confirms Hector Barreto as SBA Administrator
7/2/01 Kerry Gives Small Business Committee New Face, New Name

June 2001

Date Title
6/27/01 Kerry and Snowe Seek Enhanced Role for Small Business in World Trade Organization
6/21/01 Chairman Kerry Calls for Reauthorization, Increased Funding to Small Business Technology Transfer Program
6/21/01 Senators Kerry and Cantwell Urge Relief to Small Businesses Devastated by Energy Crisis

December 2000

Date Title
12/15/00 Kerry Secures Tax Relief for Small Businesses

March 2000

Date Title
3/31/00 Sen. Kerry and Gov. Shaheen Convene Summit In Boston to Discuss The New Economy's Impact in New England

September 1999

Date Title
9/29/99 Kerry Pushes Bill to Strengthen Women’s Business Centers Through Senate Committee
9/15/99 Kerry Introduces Legislation to Jumpstart Economic Development in Poorest Communities

August 1999

Date Title
8/17/99 President Signs Kerry Small Business Reservists Bill into Law

July 1999

Date Title
7/28/99 Senate Overwhelming Approves Kerry Bill to Provide Help to Small Business Reservists
7/23/99 Senate Approves Kerry Initiative to Add $2.2 Million to SBA Microloan Program
7/16/99 Small Business Committee Passes Kerry Bill to Give Small Businesses a Greater Voice in IRS Laws
7/16/99 Small Business Committee Passes Legislation that would improve Services to Veterans - Includes Kerry Small Business Reservists Bill
7/1/99 Kerry Introduces Bi-Partisan Tax Simplification Bill

April 1999

Date Title
4/29/99 Kerry Introduces Legislation to Help Small Business Owners Called to Serve in Yugoslavia
4/14/99 Kerry Continues Fight for Women-owned Small Businesses