Washington, D.C. - In recognition of National Small Business Week, U.S. Senator Jim Risch has named Dome Technology as the Idaho Small Business of the Day.  The company will be recognized in the Congressional Record of the United States Senate.

“I am pleased to recognize Dome Technology as an outstanding small business.  This is a company that has weathered economic adversity and made a rebound,” said Risch. “They diversified from only building storage domes, expanded internationally and have a steady demand for their quality product.  I congratulate them on their success.”

Three brothers, Barry, David and Randy South, developed and patented a thin-shell monolithic dome construction process in 1977 using technology to spray foam and concrete inside a pressurized dome-shaped fabric air form.  These domes were built for large storage use.

Prior to 2002, Dome Technology built 20 domes per year on average and employed 135 people.  After the 9/11 terrorist attacks demand for the structures dwindled as did the company—all the way down to 35 employees.  The South brothers worked on their business model, adding the availability of domes for churches, gymnasiums and community centers to complement their large-scale storage projects.

The company also focused on international projects with great success.  Today, 75 percent of all monolithic concrete domes worldwide have been built by Dome Technology.  In 2007, they built the largest monolithic dome in diameter in the world.

Today, Dome Technology employees 120 people and builds domes around the world.

Senator Risch is the highest ranking Republican on the Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship.  The committee oversees proposed legislation on matters relating to entrepreneurship and provides oversight of the Small Business Administration.  They also research, investigate and report all problems relating to American’s small businesses to the full Senate. 

This year marks the 50th Anniversary of the National Small Business Week.