Below is a statement from Senator John Kerry today:

“Rather than another round of photo ops, the President needs to deliver real help for the Gulf Coast and make his Republican Congress pass relief for small businesses devastated by the hurricanes. At every turn to provide real assistance, this administration has chosen to turn its back. Twice the administration scuttled the bipartisan Kerry-Snowe relief for small businesses devastated by the hurricanes, even though it passed the Senate 96 to 0. Of 352,000 applications the SBA has received after Hurricane Katrina, a mere 38,000 loans have been approved. Not one dime of the $62 billion President Bush requested for hurricane relief has been earmarked for immediate small business relief. That’s hardly a ‘heck of a job.’

“Getting the Gulf Coast’s economy back on track will mean getting small businesses and residents back on their feet. It’s long overdue that we help local economies rebuild, and help thousands people get the resources they need to put their lives back together.”

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