WASHINGTON – In one of his last acts as Chairman of the Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship, Senator John Kerry (D-MA) today released a report highlighting the Committee’s work for small business under his leadership and during the 107th Congress – including his changing of the Committee name to include “Entrepreneurship”.

“When I became Chairman nearly two years ago, I made a pledge to tackle the pressing issues facing small business: access to capital, increasing opportunities to women and minorities, easing regulatory burdens and finding solutions for small business owners in the West dealing with the energy crisis.

“As with all good agendas, mine was a living document, with priorities shifting to meet the immediate needs of small business. From a field hearing in Seattle to address the energy needs of small businesses on the West coast to the terrible events that shook our nation on 9/11, our Committee has worked tirelessly to ease the minds of small business owners and keep the America in business.”

The report, spanning over 30 pages, addresses many of the key challenges facing small businesses today and what steps Kerry and the Committee have taken to help small businesses overcome them. From securing government contracts, accessing capital in a tight economy, providing relief money for small businesses affected by 9/11, and highlighting small businesses’ potential contributions to the government’s focus on homeland security, this report describes the Committees work under Chairman Kerry’s leadership on behalf of the small businesses and their employees across the nation.”

To access the report, please contact Dayna Hanson at (202) 224-8482.