WASHINGTON – Senator John Kerry (D-Mass.), Ranking Member of the Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship, today expressed concerns over the President’s agenda for the small business community in America. Kerry’s response comes in the wake of this week’s State of the Union Address to the nation. “Bush’s agenda for small business is out of touch with the needs and concerns of America’s most valuable job creator – small business. His tax cut alone leaves out a majority of America’s small businesses -- most will get insignificant tax cuts of $500 or less from his proposal, and over 20 percent would get absolutely no tax cut at all. His budget leaves small business out in the cold by cutting $6.2 billion in access to capital and cutting the loan size by half to a mere $500,000. “We must stop this Administration’s continuous undermining of the small business community and start implementing policies that help create new jobs and lower unemployment, foster every entrepreneurial mind – not just the lucky few – and empower every citizen, regardless of race or gender, to act on their dreams and give them the tools to make them a reality.”