WASHINGTON -- Senator John Kerry announced today that Congress has passed legislation to level the playing field for several Massachusetts companies that, until now, have been financially penalized by unfair tariff treatment, including improper tariffs on products they import.

"This will provide crucial savings and an economic boost to Massachusetts manufacturers, consumers and workers," Senator Kerry said.

Several Massachusetts companies will benefit from the tariff corrections in the bill, including Harodite Industries, Inc., Pastene Companies, Ltd., Bose Corporation, and others.

Dewey M. Rutledge Jr., Yarn Product Manager of Harodite Industries, said, "Senator Kerry is a true friend to small businesses in Massachusetts, and it's a great feeling to operate in a state that has an elected official who has a special interest in the success of small business. Harodite Industries and all of its employees would like to sincerely thank Senator Kerry for all his help and support on this important bill. The bill will relieve unfair taxes on a yarn product that we import which has no U.S. competitor. Senator Kerry introduced the original bill that addressed our tariff problem, and we are convinced that without his continued help and support this would never have happened."

The legislation, titled the Miscellaneous Trade and Technical Corrections Act of 2004, makes many corrections to U.S. tariff laws that will level the playing field for American companies. These corrections will help American companies to be more competitive in the global marketplace and will reduce costs to U.S. consumers.