WASHINGTON – United States Senator Mary L. Landrieu, D-La., today made the following comment on her vote in the United States Senate to begin debate on the Small Business Job Creation Act.

Senator Landrieu said:

“Today, the U.S. Senate took a step forward in our efforts to put Americans back to work and provide support for small businesses in Louisiana and around the country. This package is a critical component to strengthening our economy and getting America out of this recession. Included in this bill are provisions that will directly benefit Main Street business along the Gulf Coast who are seeing their businesses struggle as result of the oil spill. For too long, Louisiana’s aquaculture businesses, such fish farms and oystermen, have fallen through the cracks when looking for disaster relief. Our package fixes this broken law to provide immediate relief to them.

“Even as we look to create jobs, Congress must not lose focus on the hardworking Americans who have jobs and who want to continue to go to work every day. In Louisiana, families and businesses face an uncertain future because of the Administration’s arbitrary six-month moratorium on offshore drilling. There are over 46,000 working on and offshore that are in immediate danger of losing their jobs. If Congress is serious about both creating and preserving American jobs, that should start by ending this blanket moratorium. The residents of my state cannot afford to be out of work, and it is counter-intuitive to be pushing for job creation in Washington, D.C. while essentially giving pink slips to thousands of Americans along the Gulf Coast.”

The Senate voted 66-33 to proceed to the Small Business Job Creation Act.

More information on the package can be viewed by clicking here.