WASHINGTON – Senator John F. Kerry, Ranking Member of the Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship, yesterday spoke before the National Black MBA Leadership and Ethics Summit, the worlds’ largest organization of black business professionals. Kerry’s speech focused on the goal of the Summit: to discuss corporate responsibility and the role of ethics in both the corporate and academic environments. “I am honored to speak today before a group of leaders in the African American community – a group led by a fighter and a winner, Alvin Brown. A leader whose fight to keep a level playing field for America’s minorities ripples from the lecture hall to the boardroom. It is under this talented leadership that the African American business community – including academics – can continue to inspire and arm the next generation with not only the tools to get ahead, but also instill in them the ethics of good business.

“As individuals and as businesspeople, we are living in the aftermath of a slew of horrible business decisions,” said Senator Kerry. “A set of business decisions embedded in corporate irresponsibility and greed that has led millions of Americans to lose their retirement investments.

“Going back to Teddy Roosevelt and the early days of this country, there are certain truths about greed, which is why regulatory agencies were created. This Administration, in their most current budget, has once again under funded the SEC, once again proving that the demand for accountability is not on their agenda and that the unethical practices so common in today’s big business, can continue to cripple the average American.”

Among the speakers at the Summit were New York State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer, Congressman Gregory Meeks, and National Black MBA Association Chairman Alvin Brown. The Summit was held at The National Press Club in Washington, DC.