U.S. Sen. David Vitter (R-La.), Chairman of the Small Business & Entrepreneurship Committee, today introduced the No Exemption for Washington from Obamacare Act. The legislation follows Chairman Vitter’s report entitled, “Above the People: An Investigation of Congress’ Fraudulent Obamacare Subsidy and the Cover Up to Continue the Special Exemption.”

“To put it plainly, Congress passed a bad law and then exempted itself from having to live under it. Washington’s Obamacare Exemption is a pathetic, yet telling example of today’s political environment in which DC’s elite abuses its bureaucratic power for personal gain while the rest of America has no such relief,” said Vitter. “It’s time that Congress leads by example and do what we have required of millions of Americans and end the Washington Obamacare Exemption.”

Vitter’s legislation would ensure that Members of Congress, the President, Vice President, and all other political appointees purchase health insurance coverage through a health exchange established under Obamacare and not receive a federal subsidy unavailable to other Americans at the same income level.