WASHINGTON – In response to reports that Blackwater USA – the embattled private security firm providing protection for State Department officials in Iraq and Afghanistan – may have relied on information from the Bush Administration to evade payroll taxes, Senator John Kerry (D-Mass.) called on the Small Business Administration (SBA) to explain its potential involvement.

“The Bush Administration can’t hide Blackwater in the shadows anymore- it’s time to bring all of their dealings to light,” said Senator Kerry, Chairman of the Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship which oversees the SBA. “The SBA must explain to the American people what role they may have played in helping Blackwater avoid paying $31.8 million dollars in taxes. The SBA should not be involved in tax-related decisions.”

Kerry requested any documentation the SBA may have provided to Blackwater. In defending their tax filings in a press release, Blackwater pointed to an “official finding” by the Small Business Administration that allowed Blackwater’s workers to be counted as independent contractors rather than employees.

To read the letter that Senator Kerry sent to SBA Administrator Steven Preston click here.