"This is horrific news. It's just absolutely sickening to hear we've lost Paul and Sheila in one awful instant. It doesn't get worse than this.

Paul and Sheila together were an extraordinary caring, fighting couple. They were the best people in politics and in life - the most caring, the most giving, the most sincere and genuine people in public life I've ever met.

Everyone has lost something we can never get back. It is impossible to measure the number of lives he touched. So many people who never knew Paul are better off because of him. We all loved Paul for his energy and independence. He was the pied piper of modern politics -- so many people heard him and wanted to follow him in his fight. His loss is monumental. I loved his passion, his spirit, and his zest for making peoples' lives better. This is sad beyond any words.

Teresa and I can not begin to express our sympathy for Paul and Sheila's surviving children and grandchildren, for those who will carry on in the Wellstone family, for the families of his courageous and committed staff members also lost today, and for all the people of Minnesota and particularly those who had made Paul's cause their own."

-- Sen. John Kerry