November 18, 2022
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WASHINGTON, D.C. – Recently, U.S. Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) Ranking Member of the U.S. Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship, recognized Rolf Monument Company of Newport, Kentucky as the Senate Small Business of the Week.

Dr. Paul entered the following into the Congressional Record:

Mr. PAUL. Mr. President, as Ranking Member of the Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship, each week I recognize an outstanding Kentucky small business that exemplifies the American entrepreneurial spirit. This week, it is my privilege to recognize Rolf Monument Company of Newport, Kentucky as the Senate Small Business of the Week.

All across America’s main streets one will find small businesses that offer a product or service more valuable than that which is offered by their corporate competitors. Rolf Monument Company is one of those businesses. Established in 1895, Rolf Monument Co is the oldest business in Newport. The secret behind this main street mainstay is their respectful customer service and high-quality products, which are often sought by customers that are going through some of life’s toughest moments. Rolf Monument Company is a premier craftsman of custom memorials and the owner Tim Rolf takes great pride in providing his customers with products that showcase an unparalleled attention to detail and dignified artistry.

Being only the fourth person to run the business since its founding, owner Tim Rolf took the helm of Rolf Monument Company in 1984, and he takes special care in continuing to steward the family company into the modern age. Though his family may not be famous by their name, the work of Rolf Monument Co is well known throughout the tri-state area. Some of the company’s most notable works around Newport include the 9/11 Memorial at the World Peace Bell, the Riverwalk plaques, the Northern Kentucky Firefighters Memorial, and the Beverly Hills Supper Club Memorial, which the company is currently designing and building. Perhaps the company’s most famous work was a piece commissioned by a movie producer who was then in the production of Rain Man. With the movie being filmed in Northern Kentucky, the production crew largely depended on businesses in the northern part of the state to service whatever needs arose while filming. Therefor Rolf Monument Co was tapped to design the headstones for the fictional parents of the characters played by Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman. These movie-famous monuments are on display today at Rolf Monument Company serving as a reminder of the company’s work featured in the hit 1988 movie.

In addition to his reputation for providing top-quality products to all his customers, Tim Rolf has been recognized for his service outside of his leadership of Rolf Monument Company. This year Mr. Rolf was inducted into the Kentucky Veterans Hall of Fame, a group that honors Kentucky military veterans and educates the community about their accomplishments. Mr. Rolf comes from a family that understands the importance of serving our country; he and his three brothers and one sister all having served in the United States military. However, the Kentucky Veterans Hall of Fame not only recognized Mr. Rolf for his contributions during his time in uniform, his induction paid tribute to the fine work he and his company have done to honor many of our fallen soldiers and servicemen. Memorials that are commissioned for veterans often display additional markings and features not usually featured on the average headstone, such as bronze stars and purple hearts. In a display of gratitude for their service to our country, whenever Rolf Monument Co receives a commission for one of these specially crafted veterans’ headstones, Mr. Rolf adds the additional service-specific features free of charge. 

Of the many services this company offers, the most popular is the creation of memorials for families who have recently lost loved ones. Mr. Rolf understands that these monuments often embody the final step in the grieving process, and Rolf Monument Company takes special care to streamline this process and ensure the family of the bereaved is treated with the upmost dignity and respect. Moreover, this same level of dignity is displayed in all the collaboration Rolf Monument Co participates in within the veteran community. Tim Rolf’s company often works with AMVETS, Veterans of Foreign Wars, and Vietnam Veterans groups. Not only does his company play an important part in the transition of life for Kentucky citizens, but they work tirelessly to pay tribute to the men and women who fought to keep our country free. I want to thank Mr. Rolf for his fine work done on behalf of our nation’s veterans, and congratulate him and to the entire team at Rolf Monument Company. I look forward to seeing their continued growth and success in Kentucky.

As Ranking Member of the Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship, Dr. Paul continues the tradition of honoring America’s small businesses and entrepreneurs. The Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship oversees proposed legislation on matters relating to the Small Business Administration and investigates all problems relating to America’s small businesses.