April 2016

Date Title
4/15/16 Clean Water Provider for Gulf Offshore Rigs Selected as Small Business of the Week
4/13/16 Vitter Bill will Support Small Business Tech Innovation, Research
4/8/16 Vitter Honors Louisiana’s First Swamp-Boat Company as Small Business of the Week
4/1/16 Vitter: DOL Neglects Small Businesses in Proposed Paid Sick Leave Rule

March 2016

Date Title
3/28/16 Vitter: Homer Community Works Together to Rebuild Local Small Business
3/18/16 Vitter Honors Family-Owned Business Serving NELA for Nearly Ninety Years
3/11/16 Vitter Recognizes Mother-Daughters Venture, Exemplary Role Model for Women Entrepreneurs
3/10/16 Vitter Drones Bill Promotes Airspace Safety, Small Business Innovation
3/8/16 Media Advisory: Vitter to Hold Hearing on Impacts of Drone Regulations on Small Business
3/4/16 Vitter Recognizes Family-Owned Company That ‘Keeps the Ark-La-Tex Moving’
3/2/16 Media Advisory: Vitter to Hold Hearing on Impacts of Federal Fisheries Management on Small Businesses

February 2016

Date Title
2/26/16 Vitter Recognizes Cajun Country Energy Company
2/24/16 Media Advisory: Vitter to Hold Oversight Hearing on Patent Reform Impacts on Small Business
2/12/16 Vitter Recognizes Big Game Sportfishing Outfitter
2/5/16 Vitter Recognizes Award-Winning Animation Studio

January 2016

Date Title
1/29/16 Vitter Celebrates Jefferson Publisher with Louisiana’s Latest
1/27/16 Media Advisory: Vitter to Hold Hearing on Successful Small Business Innovation Programs
1/15/16 Vitter Names Acadiana Dance, Fitness Studio as Small Business of the Week
1/8/16 Vitter Honors St. Mary Parish Boat Manufacturer

December 2015

Date Title
12/18/15 Vitter Honors NOLA Holiday Shop as Small Business of the Week
12/17/15 Vitter Highlights Importance of Supporting Small Businesses, Entrepreneurs
12/11/15 Vitter Honors Family-Owned Shreveport Taco Shop
12/9/15 Small Business Committee Greenlights SBA’s Chief Advocacy Counsel Nominee
12/8/15 Vitter: New Survey Shows Major Reforms Needed at SBA
12/4/15 Vitter Recognizes SELA-Based Coastal Restoration Startup