May 2015

Date Title
5/19/15 Vitter: Flaws Within Federal Procurement System Defraud Small Businesses
5/18/15 Media Advisory: Chairman Vitter Announces Hearing on EPA Regulations & Small Businesses
5/15/15 Vitter Recognizes Family-Owned Plumbing Company
5/15/15 Vitter, King Announce Small Business Legislation Moves to Senate Floor
5/13/15 Vitter, King Introduce Small Business Disaster Assistance Bill
5/8/15 Small Business Scientists Solve Crimes & Save Lives with DNA Research
5/8/15 ICYMI: Time to Increase Seafood Safety Standards
5/7/15 Throwback Thursday: Louisiana’s Raising Cane’s – A Small Business Success Story
5/7/15 Vitter, Shaheen Pass Senate Resolution Honoring American Small Businesses
5/5/15 Vitter Recognizes Generations-Old Family Fishery
5/5/15 Media Advisory: Small Business Committee Hearing to Examine Federal Impact on Seafood Industry
5/4/15 Vitter Recognizes 52nd Annual National Small Business Week
5/1/15 Vitter Commemorates 5th Annual Louisiana Lemonade Day

April 2015

Date Title
4/28/15 Vitter Announces Successful LaTech Event for National Small Business Innovation Research Tour
4/24/15 Vitter Crowns 7 Year Old Entrepreneur with Small Business of the Week
4/24/15 Vitter Legislation to Help Grow Small Businesses Passes Through Committee
4/23/15 Vitter: Committee Vote To Impede Investigation Disappointing, Typical Of Insider Mentality To Protect Congressional Perks
4/21/15 Vitter on Subpoena Vote on Washington’s Special Exemption
4/21/15 Vitter Congratulates Louisiana Winners of 2015 National Small Business Week
4/17/15 Vitter Honors Entrepreneurial Venture to Protect Gulf Coastlines and Communities
4/15/15 Vitter Shares Top Five Tax Day & Small Business Facts
4/1/15 APRIL FOOLS’: Vitter Asks if Congress Should be in the Running to be Small Business of the Week

March 2015

Date Title
3/27/15 Baton Rouge Sports Store Scores Small Business of the Week
3/26/15 Vitter to Hold Healthcare & Small Businesses Field Hearing
3/24/15 Vitter to Speaker Boehner: Congress is Not a Small Business, Should Not be Exempt from Obamacare