November 2011

Date Title
11/17/11 Impact of SEC’s Proposed Rule on Conflict Minerals on Small Businesses Files
11/16/11 Sen. Snowe: Repeal the Onerous Health Insurance Tax
11/9/11 Snowe Honored with American Legion’s Inaugural Small Business Enabling Award

October 2011

Date Title
10/18/11 Sen. Snowe to Obama Administration: “Listen to Main Street… Rome is Burning!”
10/13/11 Snowe, Small Business Committee Republicans Make Recommendations to Deficit Reduction Super Committee
10/5/11 Snowe, Sessions Unveil ‘Honest Budget Act’ To Strip Away Washington’s Most Outrageous Gimmicks

September 2011

Date Title
9/27/11 Snowe Announces $146,000 Competitive STEP Grant Award for Small Business Exporting in Maine
9/22/11 Snowe, Landrieu Bill to Combat Small Business Contracting Fraud Passes Senate Unanimously
9/15/11 Senators Snowe, Brown Introduce Legislation to Bring Predictability to Disaster Aid

August 2011

Date Title
8/30/11 Snowe Applauds Two Maine Small Businesses Recognized for Exceptional Growth
8/11/11 Snowe Comments on Imperative of Exporting by U.S. Small Businesses

July 2011

Date Title
7/25/11 Snowe Comments on Small Business Committee Cybersecurity Hearing
7/20/11 Snowe to Reid: Momentum is Building for Regulatory Reform
7/14/11 Snowe: Invigorate Economy with Regulatory Reform
7/12/11 Snowe Presses for Detailed Cost Information Regarding Democrats’ Massive Health Care Law Files

June 2011

Date Title
6/23/11 Snowe: Onerous Federal Regulations Stifling Job Creation
6/16/11 Snowe Calls for Elimination of Duplication and Fraud at the Small Business Administration
6/15/11 Senators Snowe, Grassley Seek Explanation for Unprosecuted Fraud Cases Files
6/9/11 Senator Snowe: Now More Than Ever, Small Business Job Creators Need FREEDOM

May 2011

Date Title
5/26/11 Snowe: Benefits of Regulatory Review are Undeniable
5/19/11 Senator Snowe Renews Call to Ensure Small Business Consideration in the Federal Regulatory Process
5/19/11 Snowe Questions Effectiveness of New Treasury Small Business Lending Fund
5/17/11 Senator Snowe Introduces Legislation Equalizing Tax Benefits for Tip-Dependent Professionals
5/16/11 Senator Snowe Introduces Legislation Enhancing Development in Low-Income Urban and Rural Communities
5/11/11 Snowe Welcomes IRS Delay of Onerous Tax Mandate on Government Contractors