March 2015

Date Title
3/16/15 Vitter Hosts Roundtable with Louisiana Women Small Business Owners
3/13/15 Vitter Recognizes Trusted Family-Owned Child Care Center
3/6/15 Vitter Honors Innovative Skyrunner as Small Business of the Week
3/2/15 Vitter Investigation Into Washington’s Obamacare Exemption Could See Added Pressure

February 2015

Date Title
2/27/15 Vitter Congratulates Popular Po-Boy Shop for Three Successful Decades
2/25/15 Vitter: Oversight Failure Sanctions Widespread, Deliberate Fraud in Free Government Cell Phone Program
2/24/15 Vitter Investigates Fraud & Abuse Within Free Government Cell Phone Program
2/19/15 Vitter Releases Responses from DCHBEA, Senate, and House on Washington’s Obamacare Exemption
2/19/15 Vitter: Washington’s Obamacare Exemption Documents Required to Release Hold on OPM Nominee
2/13/15 Vitter Toasts Family-Owned Native Louisiana Winery
2/11/15 Vitter Blocks OPM Dept. Director’s Nomination
2/6/15 Vitter Honors Beloved New Orleans Praline Shop
2/4/15 Vitter Launches Investigation into Washington’s Obamacare Exemption

January 2015

Date Title
1/30/15 Vitter Recognizes Popular Boudin & Cracklin Joint
1/29/15 Vitter Urges Public Input in Protecting Public Access to Red Snapper Fishery
1/27/15 Vitter: New 5-Year OCS Plan is a Continued Disappointment
1/26/15 Vitter: Obama’s Climate Agenda Threatens Flood Insurance Prices for Small Businesses
1/23/15 Vitter Honors Environmentally Conscious Printing & Graphics Firm as Small Business of the Week
1/22/15 Vitter, Manchin Introduce Legislation to Protect Regulatory Process from Political Bias
1/21/15 Vitter Congratulates Alexandria, New Orleans Small Business Grant Recipients
1/21/15 Vitter-Cassidy Keystone Amendment to Increase Offshore Energy Production
1/20/15 What You Probably Won’t Hear During SOTU
1/20/15 Vitter Bill to Enhance Seafood Safety Requirements
1/16/15 Vitter Celebrates Family-Owned Wholesaler Renowned for Fresh Products, Quality Service
1/15/15 Chairman Vitter Summary Statement for Field Hearing on "The Effects of the Affordable Care Act on Small Businesses and How Congress Exempts Itself"