September 2009

Date Title
9/22/09 Committee Holds Roundtable on Expanding Small Business Contracting Opportunities
9/22/09 Snowe Statement On Small Business Government Contracting Roundtable
9/16/09 Snowe Comments on Small Business Committee Markup Votes

August 2009

Date Title
8/12/09 Snowe Holds Small Business Hearing, Forum to Hear from Maine Entrepreneurs
8/5/09 Commerce Improves Federal Small Manufacturing Programs Upon Landrieu, Snowe Request
8/3/09 Landrieu, Snowe, Cardin, Shaheen Push for More Effective Trade Policies to Help Small Firms

July 2009

Date Title
7/24/09 Landrieu, Snowe Amendment Passes Senate
7/23/09 Senate Passes Snowe Amendment to Level Playing Field for Government Contracts
7/23/09 Landrieu, Snowe Amendment Makes Government Contracting Programs Equal
7/22/09 Snowe Calls on Small Business Administration to Strengthen Oversight of Contracting and Business Development Programs Files
7/14/09 Senate Passes Small Business Innovation Bill
7/14/09 Commerce Department Expands High-Speed Internet Per Landrieu Request
7/10/09 Appropriations Committee Increases Budget for Small Business Programs
7/9/09 Landrieu, Snowe Convene Roundtable on Healthcare for Small Businesses
7/1/09 Landrieu Chairs Field Hearing on Small Business Trade Opportunities

June 2009

Date Title
6/30/09 Landrieu, Mills Host Small Business Outreach Conference
6/9/09 Snowe Introduced Critical Legislation to Increase Small Business Exporting Files

June 2008

Date Title
6/13/08 Snowe Statement on Senate Failure to Advance Tax Extenders Package that Included Energy Efficiency Tax Credits
6/5/08 Snowe Works with Maine CPA to Ease Small Business Tax Burden

May 2008

Date Title
5/23/08 Snowe Encourages GSA to Reexamine Contract Quickly and Thoroughly

April 2008

Date Title
4/23/08 Snowe Congratulates Maine Small Business Award Winners
4/18/08 Snowe Congratulates SBA Administrator for Nomination to be HUD Secretary
4/17/08 Snowe Praises Recognition of New Markets Tax Credit Program and Calls for Incentive to be Extended
4/16/08 Snowe Calls on SBA Administrator Preston to Support Plan to Stem the Credit Crunch on Small Businesses
4/15/08 Snowe Fights for Tax Reform on Tax Day