I want to thank Boston College and all of our witnesses for their testimony and for the frank discussion on the issues facing small businesses and their military reservist employees. This hearing has shown that the continuing activation of military reservists to serve in Iraq, the war on terror and to assist the victims of Hurricane Katrina has imposed a significant burden on many of our country’s small businesses. Also, our reservists who are called away from their jobs to serve our country, whether in Iraq or New Orleans, should not have to risk their homes, jobs or family’s finances to do so.

I believe the Federal government must take immediate action to help small businesses weather the loss of an employee to active duty and protect reservist employees and their families while they serve our nation. That is why I have been working in Washington to provide patriotic small business employers with a tax credit when they supplement the salary of their reservists when they are called up to active duty.

We must do everything possible to ensure that our great tradition of citizen soldiers does not end because of the effect service has on work and family. Again, I want to thank our witnesses for their help.