U.S. Sen. David Vitter, Chairman of the Small Business & Entrepreneurship Committee, announced Helm Paint & Decoration of Hammond, La. to be Small Business of the Week, and has submitted Helm Paint & Decorating into the official Congressional record.

“Helm Paint & Decorating is a testament to how vital small businesses are for creating jobs for Louisianians. The employees are mostly second, third, or even fourth generation who serve second, third, and fourth generation customers,” said Vitter. “Congratulations to Small Business of the Week Helm Paint & Decorating for over four decades of success. As the locals like to say, Helm Paint and Decorating is not just a business, it is an experience.”

Ronald “Bunky” Helm opened Helm Paint and Decorating in 1970 in New Orleans, La. In the last forty years, the Helm family has expanded their business to six locations across South Louisiana. Last week, Vitter officiated the Grand Opening Ribbon Cutting of Helm Paint in Hammond, La.

As Chairman of the Small Business Committee, Vitter is continuing the tradition of honoring local small businesses each week.