US News & World Report's Bedard reports, while "his likely foes posture," Sen. John Kerry (D-MA) "is moving quickly to set up" a WH '04 staff. Kerry has hired ex-Al Gore's Web man Ben Green to run, with a plan to "create an E-mail list of 200,000 subscribers and raise cash online." Kerry has "recruited top Silicon Valley fundraisers" (Washington Whispers, 6/11 issue).


Boston Herald's Woodlief reports, Dem control of the Senate "will make" Sens. Kerry and Ted Kennedy (D-MA) "very big players on the national scene." Kerry -- "mentioned more and more" as a WH prospect -- will become chair of the Small Business Cmte, a "good bully pulpit for befriending small-town entrepreneurs all over America." In separate interviews, both Kennedy and Kerry "talked of the need to keep reaching out" to GOPers. Kerry: "We've still got to be very delicate and consensus-minded, patch together coalitions. The gavels are changing, but not the (basic number of) votes" (6/3). As Small Business Cmte chair, Kerry "said he intends to enlarge the scope of the panel, hopefully raising its profile." Kerry "said last week that he intends to continue the focus on easing the 'restraints on small business.'" Kerry said he also would like to "minimize the inherent suspicion people have of environmental efforts." NFIB Pres. Jack Faris: "Losing a chairman of the Small Business Committee with a 100-percent NFIB rating and replacing him with one with a 16-percent NFIB rating ... obviously poses a new challenge." Kerry "has real experience in small business," as founder of a Boston gourmet food firm in his pre-politics years, he said he "wrestled with all the permitting, health inspection, landlord-leasehold issues" that businesspeople deal with every day (Crenshaw, Washington Post, 6/4).


Kerry at the 6/1 MA Democratic State Convention: "5000 years ago Moses said: Pick up your shovel, hitch up your camel, mount your ass -- I will lead you to the promised land. 70 years ago, Franklin Roosevelt said: Lay down your shovel, light up a camel, sit on your ass, you have reached the promised land. Today George W. Bush wants to dig in ANWAR with your shovel, put arsenic in water for your camel, kick your ass while sitting on his own, and unless your rich -- tell you there is no promised land. In the first four months President Bush has launched an assault on women by instituting a gag rule on family planning, walked away from a campaign promise to reduce air pollution and from a global treaty which took 10 years to negotiate and for which they offer no alternative, reversed President Clinton's protection of roadless forests, launched a surprise attack on workers by denying them workplace protection a bold faced denial of countless ways people suffer permanent and costly injuries, and in a move worthy of entry into "Ripley's Believe It or Not," they have reversed a ten year effort to establish standards to eliminate unsafe levels of arsenic in your drinking water. All of this should erase forever the debate about the purpose of our party" (release, 6/2).