March 2002

Date Title
3/8/02 SBA Budget Cuts Criticized
3/7/02 Bush's Plan to Halve SBA Loans Opposed
3/7/02 Sen. Kerry Introduces Legislation to Aid Minority-Owned Firms: Bill Would "Improve Minority Contracting Programs at the SBA"

February 2002

Date Title
2/22/02 Loan Pool May Get Smaller for Small Businesses
2/15/02 Emerging Businesses Would Get Boost by Bill
2/1/02 Small Business Administration Appointee Confirmed

January 2002

Date Title
1/21/02 Capitol Hill: SBA'S New Chief Operating Officer to 'Streamline' Agency
1/18/02 New Chief Operating Officer to 'Streamline' SBA
1/4/02 Some Government Deals That Were Worth Missing
1/3/02 Analysis: Missing Appointments
1/1/02 Back in Shape?: The SBA and Congress Start Putting Small Businesses Through Rehab

December 2001

Date Title
12/20/01 'Bridge' Act to Help Small-Business Growth
12/17/01 IRS Lets Some Larger Businesses Switch to Cash Accounting
12/17/01 Defending the Whip
12/14/01 Daschle Holiday Session Would Stop Appointments
12/13/01 Washington News
12/13/01 Kerry Vows Holdup Until Bill Considered
12/12/01 Kerry Holds up Bush Administration Appointments Over Small Business Bill
12/6/01 It's Business as Usual, and a Shame
12/3/01 A Longtime Friendship is on 'Hold' Over Bill; GOP Senators Divided on Recovery Relief
12/1/01 Bridging the Capital Gap

November 2001

Date Title
11/29/01 Kyl Opposed to SBA Loan Measure
11/23/01 SBA Finds Few Takers For Disaster Loans
11/19/01 Payroll Tax Arguments the IRS Won't Buy; Rulings Shoot Down Subchapter S Twist

October 2001

Date Title
10/23/01 Agency Widens Relief Effort; Small-Business Loans Opened to Florida Firms