May 2009

Date Title
5/7/09 Landrieu Encourages Agencies to use Recovery Funds on Innovative Small Business Projects
5/7/09 Landrieu Comments on White House Budget Details
5/4/09 Landrieu to Host Baton Rouge Small Business Outreach Conference
5/1/09 Landrieu Comments on Streamlined 7(a) Size Standards

April 2009

Date Title
4/23/09 Small Business Committee Holds Simulated Hearing to Teach Entrepreneurship
4/14/09 Landrieu Brings First Small Business Committee Hearing to North Louisiana
4/3/09 Urging the Small Business Administration to delay publishing a notice in the Federal Register that would interfere with the liquidation of defaulted 504 loans. Files
4/3/09 Senate Confirms Karen Mills to be SBA Administrator
4/2/09 Landrieu Fights for Small Business Contracts
4/1/09 Small Business Committee Holds Confirmation Hearing for Karen Mills to Lead SBA
4/1/09 Small Business Committee Backs Karen Mills to be SBA Administrator

March 2009

Date Title
3/30/09 Landrieu, Snowe call on Geithner to Stabilize Small Business Credit Lines
3/26/09 Senate Budget Committee Increases SBA Funding to Level Requested by Landrieu, Snowe
3/25/09 Landrieu Chairs Hearing on Small Business Administration Budget
3/25/09 Small Business Committee to Host Outreach Fairs in Louisiana
3/24/09 Landrieu, Snowe, Schumer call for Small Business Trade Advocate
3/19/09 Landrieu, Snowe Address Credit Crunch's Impact on Small Business Lending
3/18/09 Senate Extends Vital Small Business Programs
3/18/09 Landrieu to Hold Field Hearing on Manufacturing Closures in No. Louisiana
3/17/09 Landrieu Receives 2009 IEDC Federal Leadership in Economic Development Award
3/16/09 Landrieu, Snowe Comment on White House Plan to Unlock Frozen Credit Market and Stimulate new SBA Lending
3/11/09 U.S. Senate Passes Omnibus Appropriations Act With Vital Aid to Small Firms
3/10/09 Landrieu, Snowe Emphasize Importance of Small Business Innovation to Economic Recovery
3/4/09 Landrieu, Snowe Call For Improved Coordination Between Federal Agencies' Manufacturers Assistance Programs

February 2009

Date Title
2/26/09 Landrieu, Snowe Comment on SBA Components of President Obama's Budget