June 2009

Date Title
6/15/09 Landrieu: Increase Small Businesses Trade Opportunities to Strengthen the Economy
6/12/09 Landrieu Authors Op-ed on Small Business Innovation
6/12/09 Landrieu, Snowe call for Investigation into Small Business Hurricane Recovery Efforts
6/11/09 Landrieu, Snowe Convene Roundtable on Entrepreneurial Assistance Programs
6/10/09 Landrieu Calls for Expanding High-Speed Internet
6/10/09 Landrieu, Snowe Introduce Bill to Expand Entrepreneurial Development Programs
6/10/09 Landrieu, Snowe Push to Foster Small Business Innovation
6/8/09 Landrieu Pushes Small Business Trade Opportunities
6/4/09 Landrieu, Snowe look to Strengthen Small Business Research and Development Opportunities.

May 2009

Date Title
5/28/09 Landrieu, Snowe Comment on SBA Floor Plan Financing Program
5/26/09 USTR Kirk Responds to Landrieu/Snowe/Schumer Request for Small Business Assistant USTR
5/22/09 Landrieu, Snowe Comment on NAS SBIR Study
5/21/09 Landrieu, Snowe Hold Hearing on Small Business Contracting Opportunities in Recovery Act
5/20/09 Landrieu Comments on Final Passage of Credit Card Act
5/20/09 Landrieu, Snowe call on Governors to Make Recovery Act Contracts Available to Small Businesses
5/19/09 Landrieu Offers Resolution Honoring Entrepreneurs During National Small Business Week
5/19/09 Landrieu Congratulates Louisiana Small Business Owner of the Year
5/18/09 Landrieu, Snowe Comment on New Provisions to Help Firms Especially Hard-Hit
5/18/09 Landrieu/Snowe Author Op-ed on Status of Small Businesses During Small Business Week
5/18/09 Democratic Policy Committee Releases Report on Fight for Small Businesses
5/18/09 Emergency small business loans coming in June
5/14/09 Small Business Committee Holds Hearing on Recovery Act Implementation, Credit Cards, Microlenders and Other Sources of Financing for Small Business
5/14/09 Landrieu, Snowe Push for Increased Credit Card Protections for Small Firms
5/11/09 Landrieu, Others Seek Small Business Opportunities in Cuba
5/11/09 Landrieu Congratulates Louisiana MEP Award Winners